a working darkroom

I recently started rolling my own black and white film, which forced me to break out the canisters to process said film. then i needed a way to look at the film so i setup the enlarger and bought chemical and here we are. I have a working darkroom. this is pretty exciting. I’ve been keeping most of the prints ‘offline’ by not sharing through social media. But i think i might post an album here on my website. I’d like for people to see them, but the hope is that they’ll see them in person and hold the photos in their hands. I’ll also be mailing prints to those who ask. so, if you’re reading this and you’re thinking ‘hey, i might like a small print of Echo & Bear for my refrigerator!’ then don’t hesitate to email me: gray at graylikethecolor dot com (if you can’t figure out that email address how did you even get on the internet).


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