interior fiberglass in all its bubbled, spotted glory.

air bubbles and fiberglass are bad. if you get air bubbles under your fiberglass you have to patch them, if they’re on the exterior of the hull, or just sand and fill if they’re on the interior. my haste to get this damn thing finished produced many, many air bubbles, which you can’t really see in the photo below. but i promise. they’re there. Also, when we didn’t remove excess resin we ended up creating spots all over the interior, which show up, at least to me, after putting on the fiberglass. it kind of sucks especially after all this time and effort put in, but you learn more from mistakes than just reading a book and i know exactly how i’ll prevent these mistakes on the next canoe. this is, after all, the ‘practice’ canoe. I was going to choose darker woods to use for the gunwales, thwarts and seats so as not to distract from the inside of the canoe. but now, with all the spots and imperfections i’m thinking a light wood might be a better idea. to draw the eyes away from the mistakes! oh well. next step is sanding the interior and building the gunwales, thwarts & seats.

interior fiberglass ✔️ #cedarstripcanoe

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