all this sanding…

sanding out the interior to prepare for the interior fiberglass. we had to plug the holes with epoxy & filler and made some mistakes. well, we thought we were doing the right thing. well… yes and no. When you’re filling cracks with epoxy, to form a better seal, it’s imperative to get as much excess epoxy off the surface as possible. otherwise you’ll be sanding for the rest of your life. it also creates more problems with an uneven surface. We thought we were getting ahead of the game friday night by covering most of the interior with epoxy as a filler coat, which is necessary, but it was a mistake. we ended up sanding most of that off but not completely, so there were spots. so many spots. we went ahead with the fiberglass when we probably should’ve taken another half day of sanding to get everything super smooth, applied a true base layer of epoxy, sanded that and THEN put on the fiberglass. but we didn’t. and haste does in fact make waste.


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