practice chair!

the biggest lesson i’ve learned from this entire project is that it’s best to do something in practice before doing it for real. take fiberglass, for example. the book says to practice your fiberglass & epoxy skills on a spare piece of wood before going at it on the canoe because mistakes will be made. better to make them on the practice piece than the real thing. so when building the seats we decided to make a practice seat to cane. we probably should’ve practiced before fiberglassing but that fix is waiting for me at the finish line. So the process for caning is fairly simple: weave vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines. It’s important to keep the cane facing in the same direction and it’s also important to keep your weaving patterns consistent. in this photo i’m almost done with the fourth pass. After this will be the diagonal passes.

this is just a practice chair. not a real chair. #wetalkinboutpractice #cedarstripcanoe

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