i’m not sure ‘beautiful’ is a good enough word

majestic? that’s closer. you’re just seeing the nose. this thing is a whale. 18 feet is pretty big when you’re standing next to it. You see the staple holes near the center of the image running vertically? Here’s the trick to minimize/eliminate those (maybe i should put this quick tip in that section? nah, this is ‘what i learned’ not ‘how to’. if you’re mad because i’m just NOW telling you, i’m sorry. please forgive me. cool?): to ELIMINATE those staple holes don’t use staples. you’ll use velcro or tape or even surgical tubing to keep the strips down tight until the wood glue sets. that’s why you see the pros waiting a while before they apply the next consecutive strip. they’re not using staples and they’re amazing human beings. but that’s not me. so if you did use staples, one neat trick is to use an iron and a wet rag. lay the rag on the canoe over the holes and heat it with the iron. this will cause the wood to expand in the holes and minimize their visibility. it’s not a perfect fix but it’s pretty good.

2nd coat of epoxy. 3rd goes on in a few hours. really hope to flip this thing tomorrow. #cedarstripcanoe

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