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@hello_gambles video ‘In Real Time’ 

I found out about this artist, Gambles (Matthew Daniel Siskin), somehow through a social media post of some type from Father John Misty (Josh Tillman). It wasn’t his music i noticed, as he was primarily posting media clips on social media. basically pointing a mirror at society, which is something i think we really need. like, someone globally taking in the giant trashpile spit out by the Constant Gratification Internet Machine and saying ‘ok, i hear you saying this…’ and then pointing up the mirror. that was Tillman and Siskin, holding up mirrors. Fast forward a few months and Siskin reached out to people in Instagram to share video of themselves and their loved ones so he could create a video for his upcoming album release. I offered and he accepted a few minutes of footage from my corner of the world. If you follow the link on his Instagram page, you can get to the Youtube link (cmon, you can do it). Siskin had specific things he asked for in the submitted footage. One of them was uninterrupted eye contact for 2 minutes with someone you love. I chose the dogs. But the beauty of this video is that there’s really no prompt that these subjects are maintaining eye contact with someone they love, but you can tell they are. I’m just floored to be a part of something amazing. thank you, gambles.

“In Real Time” 🕓 **link in bio

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(ok, fine, here’s the link to youtube: )

safety first!

hold my beer.


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moving right along

this is where the creative side of the process becomes important. If you’re looking to create patterns in your alternating strips or just a slow gradient blend, this is the time to coordinate. I caught some flack from my Dad when I was carefully selecting each strip of cedar, but after the canoe began to take shape, it was clear the time spent finding the right piece made it worthwhile.


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strips on strips on strips

it’s easier to see here how the color of the cedar varies. we have some blonde, brown and red strips throughout. The idea is to alternate to show off the strips but to make sure each side of the boat has the same color pattern.


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